Hi there. You seem the curious type, so let's dive right in, shall we?

Wine has always existed as a relationship between land and humanity. It's developed as a conversation we have with the earth, each season, the vines, and chemical processes along the way.

I'm a wine industry professional with WSET III credentials and have studied at UC Davis, Napa Valley Wine Academy, with the Society of Wine Educators, and a few other places. Prior to taking a dive from the corporate ship in 2008, I worked as researcher in sustainable land management and commercial real estate development. So looking at large parcels of land and wondering "what if" is still my cup of tea.

While my day job is buying exquisite bottles and writing about viticulture and oenology, my passion lies in the work behind the bottle. Everything from the dirt and vines, cellar and barrels, to the hands and minds that labor behind the scenes is fair game. 

Outside of the vineyard, my contract roles range from business data analysis and capital project research to social equity research and non-profit grant writing. Yes, most of my clients are in the fermented beverage industry in one way or another. No, that is not the only topic about which I'm educated or willing to learn.

Let me know if you have any burning questions. I'm happy to share what I know and research what I don't. Let me know if you'd like to borrow my big beautiful brain for a project. Education, exploration, and writing are my sandbox and I'm happy to build a castle for you. Or just loan you a shovel and some buckets.

Thanks for stopping by,